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A mature look on pop culture, politics, and current events through the lens of four adults on their free time.

All four ADULTS are reunited at last.  Mel C updates us on her path down sobriety, Serafina goes camping, and we argue about what a “Bo-Bo” is. We also tackle birth control – from implants being shot into your arm to the revolutionary “taint valve”.

Finally, Mel C gives us a Chuck E. Cheese update and Art ruins Grease


Today Art and Eric are joined by upcoming L.A. rocker Cooper Walker.  Cooper sits down to walk us through his history in the Los Angeles music scene from his early beginnings at Brennan’s through to recording his new single “On Your Knees”.  We also discuss Kanye West, the Matrix, deja vu, guitars, and much more!  Lastly, Cooper tells us the story of the first song he ever wrote and even plays some of it for us.  Join us for a great chat and support Cooper Walker below!

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Welcome to How Do You Like Your Eggs?! Hi, I’m Serafina Costanza and I love breakfast! On this podcast I invite a guests over and I make them eggs in the style of their choosing. We eat, they tell me I nailed it, and we chat. 

On the first episode I welcome my good friend Poli van Dam, guitar and vocalist from the SoCal Punk band The Bombpops! We sit down over poached eggs to discuss her obsession with rubbing her pussy on things, what it’s like to be a female working in the arts, school shootings, celebrating stupidity and much, much more! 

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The ADULTS can finally be found on Youtube!  John “Cooter” Davenport sits down with Art and Eric to celebrate this monumentous occasion. Join us to find out which two of us don’t give a shit about Game of Thrones, we get nostalgic for our childhood diners, share some stories of us growing up, and John tells us his “coming to Los Angeles” tale.

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Art, Eric, and John sit down for late night drunken talk.  Strap in and see what happens when the ladies leave us on our own.

John “Cooter” Davenport joins the ADULTS for this wide ranging conversation at our new studio in the City of Champions! This week we sit down to talk about online privacy, how the first form of time travel might look, the influx of artificial intelligence, Billy Corgan, corporate government, and much much more!

We also pay our respects to the passing of Mitzi Shore.


John “Cooter” Davenport:

Instagram: @theycalledmesofa
Twitter: @Johndavenport88

Mel C is back! And sober?! This week Mel C’s catches us up on whats been going on with her, we talk about what Facebook has been doing with your data, the differences between walking around with a dick or vagina, the joys of taking care of our bodies and minds, and much much more!

This week the ADULT’s give mad props to Russia, get excited about the return of Shaggy, weigh life in prison vs. the death penalty, and discuss where the U.S. stacks up against the world on education.



This episode Art and Eric sit down at the Cinema Bar with Texas’ number one export the Cosmic Cowboy and stand-up comedian John Davenport.  We talk about the recent Texas Independence Day, what it was like growing up on the east coast, which country music star we’d bang, exotic foods, surviving in the desert, and more!

Cosmic Cowboy:
Instagram: @howdycosmic
Website: CosmicCowboy.LA

John Davenport:
Instagram: @theycalledmesofa
Twitter: @Johndavenport88

Join the ADULTS as they sit down to talk about people who are jealous of other peoples animals, Art breaks down why tequila is the best liquor to drink, weird fetishes, workplace assholes, wonder how you could take money out of politics, and more!

This week Eric finds out he’s been eating bananas wrong his whole life, Jared Kushner gets his security clearance revoked, and Serafina recaps her month of sobriety.

The ADULTS encounter some paranormal activity, talk about who gets to have an opinion, weed taxes, Art finds a new revenue stream, and we drop some more details about mature ADULT time Presents: It’s Easter, Fools!

All four ADULTS are back! This week Mel C fills us in on super exciting weekend, Art recaps the time he almost met the Power Rangers but didn’t, we wonder why the Trump family still opens their own mail, and talk the woes booking shows.


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